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Our Story

Blue Peak landscaping is a newer company that was started around 2015 in the Grand Strand. We noticed how poor the quality and morals of some of the local contractors during the time and wanted to take advantage and make a difference in the Myrtle Beach community by bringing honest, trustworthy, and hard-working individuals to the table. Our goal then is the same as it is now.

get to know aaron

“My name is Aaron Driggers, I am the owner and operator of Blue Peak landscaping. I am a local in the Myrtle Beach community who was raised on integrity and honesty. My core values are the same as most in my generation, integrity, honesty, always move forward with tact, to never give up, even if all odds are against you. But these traits are coming harder to find in today’s society.

I started this company, hoping one day it could put me in a position to help change some of the issues I see in the community; but also teach others to work hard for what they believe in and gain a since of appreciation for what they have. “

Focusing on our community

We set out to reassure the Myrtle Beach community that contractors hold you and your priorities above their own self-interest. And of course, make a few friends along the way! In the few short years of business, Blue Peak landscaping has become one of the most recommendable businesses on the south side of the entire Grand Strand! After helping thousands of clients solve thousands of issues with as little headache as possible we are climbing fast! And we cannot wait to help you solve yours or help you build your landscape paradise! 

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built with integrity

Blue Peak Landscaping aspires to solve issues the community has in a respectable and honest fashion.

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