Don’t have what you need to cover your construction needs or materials? Well, no worries we have you covered. Want to build that wall around the potted soil? You went on vacation and forgot to turn your sprinkler system on and now your grass is looking for like “night of the living dead”. Spent all your cash on vacation and now you need some sod? New neighbors moved in next door and now you want to put a fence to keep your fur babies safe?

With Blue Peak Landscaping LLC., we are here to give you some good news. Blue Peak Landscaping has partnered up with some of the best experts to get you financed on your outdoor landscaping needs. Working on a project and ran into some emergence snags and need extra cash? We are here to help you to keep going until the job is done. Unlike other companies we really want to get the job done efficiently and get it right the first time. Well let’s get to it! Getting financed can sometimes be hard when you are trying to get fast approval. So, I will go over some ways to move this up even faster.

  1. Know your credit history. It is important that you know what is on your credit report and who is doing what. We highly recommend that you abstain a copy of your credit report prior to applying for credit.
  2. Understanding your property value. Once you have submitted your application and received a conditional approval for your loan the next step is generally for a valuer to ascertain the current market value of your property lender. A valuer will inspect the subject property.
  3. Ensure your financial statements and tax returns are up to date and readily accessible. Banks and lenders will need to see the most recent tax returns and tax assessment notice when applying
  4. Review your mortgage and credit card statements. Lenders will often review the conduct of your existing credit before approving any further credit.
  5. Ask for a document checklist before applying.
  6. Understand how to maximize your borrowing capacity.

Now that we have broken it down given some insight. Now it’s all up to you! Come see us at Blue Peak Landscaping LLC to get you financed.

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