Water Features

Water features could be a lot of things and carry way fare meaning than just a pond or fountain. Have you seen a custom bubble wall? We can create and add on ambiance to your lobby, home, clinic, restaurant, retail store, or more with water panel bubble walls. Have you wanted the addition of custom water features to your space, but found yourself dreading the maintenance that comes with it? Are you interested in embracing the claiming, creative nature of a fish tank or water bubble wall fountain, but know that you do have the ability to manage caring for it? Or how about a breathtaking pond with countless hours of relaxing sound? A pond can have a lot of water lilies or some vibrant color of wild plants to look at with some koi fish. If you’re not into that level of upkeep, it can just be a small clean clear empty pond full of water just for you to see our self-reflect. Like pools, some ponds have pretty waterfalls you can add to make it look dreamy. You can also add aesthetic and sensory pleasure to your outdoor space.

Hard day at the job or school and just want to relax? Did you know that hot tubs were built not just to relax in, also for entertaining as well? They still can be attractive. Its main function is to entertain a homeowner, family, and friends as well as providing a healing source of therapy for tired/sore muscles. Hot tubs and spas are even custom built to look like small pools or ponds. You can also add water features to a spa like water falls and statues. If you don’t feel like relaxing in water, then how about just looking at the beauty of the water. Standalone fountains are nice as well. If designed and built with water conservation in mind, a water fountain recycles water feeding it back to the fountain head or inlet where it is used again and again, and you get it. So not only in hot climates or on hot days a fountain fills the air with moisture bringing much needed relief to you family and the nearby plants and landscaping. Fountains can come or be built in all kids of styles. Even DIY kits. Now if you wanted to go bigger you can go with a nice long sparkling stream. The wild streams run through rocks and mountains and down a brook like over rocks to clean the water. Well now through today’s technology we can make you any size stream you want right in the comfort of you own back yard. A backyard do-it-yourself stream should provide the kind of water flow that your property and soil should need and want. Then you have wells, which include a little more in detail but make for a good water source. You could do an outside shower, wall fountain, or plunge pool. Like I said Blue Peake Landscaping LLC can make any water feature you may want. Just give us your plans and let us put it together for you.

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